Helpful Hints

7 Tips for a Good Santa Visit

1. Please have the room temperature no higher than 68 degrees.

2. Have a place for me to sit that is sturdy, no lazy boy chairs, and please not near a roaring fire.

3. Try to keep the kids away from me for a few feet, especially if I am bringing in presents.

4. If you have provided presents for me to pick up, let me know where you have placed them and have the names CLEARLY PRINTED on each package.

5. The tags should be taped securely and NO GIFT BAGS as things fall out easily.

6. If you have kids at a home visit, please have them INSIDE during the time I arrive and not outside playing, as I don’t want kids to see me getting out of my sleigh.

7. Take as many pics as you wish but if your baby or child is screaming, it is NOT a good time for the child or for me.

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