Helpful Hints

Dear Santa Client:

Thank you so much for booking me for a memorable visit this year. I want to give you a few tips to make things run smoothly. Although this list may appear long, it is based on years of experience. Thanks for helping!

1. Please have the room temperature no higher than 68 degrees, I am from the North Pole. This means AIR CONDITIONING ON AT 68 degrees, NOT heat.

2. Have a place for me to sit that is sturdy, and please not near a roaring fire.

3. Try to keep the kids a few feet away from me, especially if I am bringing in presents.

4. If you have provided presents for me to pick up, let me know where you have placed them and have the names CLEARLY PRINTED on each package. Please make sure you have the child’s first AND Last name. All presents should be small gifts no bigger than 8” x 8”

5. The tags should be taped securely and NO GIFT BAGS or stockings as things fall out easily.

6. If I am visiting your home, please have the kids INSIDE during the time I arrive and not outside playing, as I don’t want kids to see me getting out of my sleigh.

7. On small home visits with less than 10 children, feel free to provide me a list of all the kids, their names, ages, male or female is helpful and maybe two or three things about each child.

Like their pet’s name, Elf on the shelf name, teacher’s name, hobbies, what they want for Christmas, etc. Please make them short bullet points as they are transferred to my “Naughty and Nice” list and I work those items in the story as I talk to each child. You can go to and hit the button Santa’s List at the top bar on the right. The party or event host/hostess is responsible for putting ALL the kids names in from various families at one time. The submission must be done 48 hours in advance and again, it needs to be done by the party host in ONE SUBMISSION.

8. Take as many pics as you wish but if your baby or child is screaming, it is NOT a good time for the child or for me. I hold one child at a time.

9. Try to keep a clear path for me to come into the home, so I am not tripping over things as I carry my bag into your home. Please put the dogs up during our visit.

10. For those paying in cash, please put it in an envelope and mark it “Wish List for Santa” to hand me on the way out. I do not accept checks unless it was discussed with me in advance. Thanks.

11. Please have one bottle of cold water for Santa and give it to me on request.

12. Make sure you have a provided me with a CELL phone number for you on the day of the event

13. Finally, Please allow Santa to be early or running late by 10 minutes either way. For the most part, I am ALWAYS on time.

Remember to book early next season. I normally book up 4-7 MONTHS in advance. 704-502-2500

You can reach me at [email protected]
Thank you for the business! Hope to see you NEXT YEAR

If you are paying by the payment apps: First thing is put my name Doug Eberhart in your phone and put Santa as the company name, with my phone number 704-502-2500

Zelle: [email protected] or 704-502-2500
Venmo: @Doug-Eberhart-1
Cashapp: Doug Eberhart $rentasanta

If paying by creditcard there is a 4% fee added to the Santa Visit fee. Paypal is [email protected]

Book your visit now!

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